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Ogre Plays Games has a very simple philosophy. Everyone can play games. Everyone should play more games. Everyone should play more games than just D&D & Pathfinder. The format is a “Let's Play” podcast with more of a radio play focus. Along side the actual playing of the game, rules will be discussed and character creation gone over in depth. Also to heighten the atmosphere, sound effects and music are added to make the game feel more alive while listening. This is why we release every two weeks. We record multi-channel so this process is quite time consuming. The podcast involves performers of various skills and experiences playing a pen and paper role playing game for you, the audience. Three-Four players will create detailed characters for the game world and act out what their characters say and do to create a fun and entertaining story together. The podcast is hosted by “The Ogre” Matthew Seagle who GM's or moderates the game. The rest of our team is Rees Haynes performer, editor, and producer, Gregory Milne performer, co-producer and host of the “Ogre Talks Games” recap show. Chris Mataei sound engineer and editor, Erik Donely performer and social media, Natalie Bosco lead artist and social media, and Trina Forrest website, social media, and all round supportive spouse.
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Aug 13, 2016

Join The Ogre as he runs Joe Fulgham, Morgan Grubb, Gregory Milne, and Johnstone Metzger through the pulp space adventure game "Dungeon Planet: Battle Between The Worlds" by Johnstone Metzger.